Sunday, December 02, 2007

Same old routine

I’d hardly say that today I turned over a new leaf and became a creative soul. Sunday’s at our household are pretty full, what with playing with the boys, paying bills, walking dogs, doing laundry – geez, writing it down really makes me see how boring a routine can sound. But the boys keep us on our toes, so it’s not quite as boring living it as it sounds. I suppose I could laud my creativity today in the amazing choices I made in ornament placement on the Christmas tree. Side note: I love the smell of Christmas trees, and that combined with the act of decorating it really puts me in the Christmas spirit. The beautiful near 80 degree weather wasn’t exactly Christmas-like, but it cooperated a little by getting cold later, although I preferred the warmth. Back to the main topic, aside from that we went out to look at some really cool Christmas lights, the ones where they choreograph the lights to music played over a radio station broadcast from their home. So, I got to see how creative some other people can be. And now I’m exhausted, but I still have some work to do so I’d better wrap up. The beauty of it is that although my goal of finding some way, big or small, to be more creative got lost in the shuffle today, I can always try again tomorrow. Nobody’s keeping score or rating me on how I do.


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