Saturday, October 18, 2008

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Now here's a subject I can really relate to. I may not have a whole lot to say about it, though, because I'm so freakin' tired.

I still remember college and my first few years afterwards. Nights out drinking until 2am, bed around 3am, then up at 7 or 8 to get to class or work. No problem, I'll catch up on my sleep some other time. Boy has that changed. Maybe it's age, but I think it's more likely having little kids. Knowing that I have to be up early to every morning because either:

1) they'll come barging in our bedroom sometime between 5:45 and 6 and wake us up
2) they'll head downstairs to try to cook their own pancakes or eggs for breakfast, which just isn't a good idea to do on their own because, well, they're 3
3) no good reason other than I worry they'll somehow get hurt or tear apart the house has me snapping awake at 5:45 pretty much every morning

That leads me to wanting to get to sleep at what I would've once considered ridiculously early hours like before 10pm. If I'm up past 11 I know I have a tough morning to look forward to. Doesn't have to be that way, I know. It's that dread of the future that makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy I suspect, but I just can't seem to help it.


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